Workshop 5 - Presenting yourself!

March 12-13 2019, Potsdam
Impression from workshop 5. Photo © Hanna Berger/PLANT 2030

March 12-13 2019, Potsdam

Self-presentation was the focus of Workshop No. 5. Eight early stage plant scientist trained effective presentation and argumentation, addressed stage fright and learned strategies to deal with difficult questions.

For the PhD students et the end of the project, emphasis was laid on the defense of the theses.

Content of the workshop was:

• Effective presentation and convincing argumentation
• Elevator pitch technique for digest presentation
• Addressing nerves and strategies for dealing with stage fright
• Preparation for questions and how to handle unexpected and difficult questions
• Feedback as a learning and developmental process – receiving and contributing feedback positively

The participants of the workshop "Presenting yourself!" Photo © Hanna Berger/PLANT 2030

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