International Symposium

Plant Phenotyping: Concepts, Sensors and Applications

29.09.2014 - 01.10.2014
International Symposium

International Symposium: Plant Phenotyping: Concepts, Sensors and Applications

29.09.2014 - 01.10.2014

Bonn, Germany

The symposium addresses recent developments in the context of Plant Phenotyping and provides excellent networking opportunities with international experts.

Dedicated sessions will include the following preliminary topics:

  • Infrastructure and Networks
  • Measurement Concepts
  • Sensors
  • Interpretation and Handling of Phenomic Data
  • Phenotyping and Breeding
  • Applications for Precision Farming and Crop Management

The Symposium is initiated by, an innovative, interdisciplinary research network with several German partner institutions.Various questions on plant and soil characteristics and on genotype/phenotype interactions are being evaluated by using non-destructive sensor methods and high throughput technologies optimized in the lab and field under different locations and environments.The ultimate aim of the project is early, non?biased and faster assessment of traits under field and in lab conditions to enable greater efficiency in crop breeding and to optimize decision making in crop management.

The Network is funded by the FederalMinistry of Research and Development (BMBF) and the EU.