Botanikertagung 2017, Kiel

Plant Research in a Changing World

17.09.2017 - 21.09.2017

In 2017 the Botanikertagung will be held in Kiel, Germany, 2017 from September 17 to 21. It is organized by the Christian-Albrechts-University and the German Society for Plant Science (Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft, DBG). For the first time Danish colleagues participate in the organization of the conference. Multiple stimuli brought up by a Scandinavien perspective are expected.

The Botanikertagung is a biannual conference that brings together world leading experts and early-career scientists from a wide range of disciplines in plant biology. In 2017, the Botanikertagung addresses various facets of plant research under the title "Plant Research in a Changing World".

The conference comprises four days of exciting presentations, including keynote lectures, poster sessions and workshops. An evening lecture open to the public will address the suitability of our crop plants for feeding the increasing world population.

It is a great opportunity for the DGB to host this conference. We wish to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystems, interactions with the environment, evolution, cell biology, organization and expression of genomes, photosynthesis, algae, growth and development as well as biotechnology. Moreover, research on crop plants will be presented from a diachronic perspective. Take your chance to be part of this large plant science conference and to enjoy the fresh air at the seaside with us.

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