Metabolomics Symposium, München, GER

6th Munich Metabolomics Symposium - Micobiome meets Metabolome

26.09.2019 - 27.09.2019

This scientific symposium will address questions such as

  • How does the microbiome shape host metabolism and contribute to chronic, systemic diseases?
  • How can metabolomics contribute to a better understanding of nutrition-microbiome-host understanding and serve as a tool for 'functional microbiomics' studies?
  • How could 'functional microbiomics' research contribute to personalized treatment of diseases via nutriton and microbiota directed interventions?

    Who should attend?
  • Researchers with an interest in epidemiology, large cohort studies, and systems biology
  • Researchers with an interest in the interplay between microbiota, diseases, treatments, and nutrition
  • Researchers with an interest in precision medicine

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