Gordon Research Conference - Holderness, NH, US

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in Plant Biology

14.06.2020 - 19.06.2020

The theme of the 2020 Plant Molecular Biology GRC is "Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in Plant Biology." At this meeting, we aim to foster interactions in this emerging field of spatial and temporal dynamics in plant biology. The conference will bring together students, postdocs, and PIs working at different levels of inquiry. Our goal is to spark discussions and collaborations across different scales of space (from atoms and molecules through cells to individuals and populations) and time (from nanoseconds through minutes to years). The conference format has been designed to maximize productive interaction and discussion among scientists from different backgrounds, disciplines, and career stages. All sessions will include extended time for discussion and the program includes ample free time each afternoon for social interactions and casual science discussions. It is a specific objective of this conference to emphasize an inclusive environment in which trainees, early career faculty, and senior scientists, renowned experts, and newcomers to the field can interact and actively contribute.

Participants are encouraged to include poster abstracts in their applications, because a portion of each session has been kept uncommitted so that we can invite additional speakers based on abstracts submitted by the participants, particularly junior investigators. Poster sessions will be scheduled daily to enhance interactions among all participants.

A Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) organized by students and postdoctoral fellows will take place in the days immediately preceding the GRC with a program specifically targeted to trainees.

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