2024 Plant Cell Atlas Symposium

Hybrid Symposium

East Lansing, MI, Vereinigte Staaten: 12.08. – 14.08.2024
Wissenschaftliche Konferenz | Weltweit

The goal of the Plant Cell Atlas (PCA) is to bring together a community who will comprehensively describe plant cell types by integrating high-resolution subcellular and cellular location information of nucleic acids, proteins, and metabolites.

Symposium Goals:

  1. Share the most exciting scientific and technological breakthroughs in plant science as it is relevant to developing a Plant Cell Atlas.
  2. Create a forum for people interested in these approaches and their application to plants to meet and network.
  3. Provide context and ideas for the SynBio Hackathon participants.

The 4 scientific sessions will be focused around each of the topics listed below in the context of plant science.

  • Theme 1: Synthetic Biology
  • Theme 2: Single-Cell and Spatial Omics
  • Theme 3: Imaging
  • Theme 4: Comparative Biology