PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2015

Applied Plant Research for Tomorrow's BioEconomy

PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2015

Kongresshotel Potsdam, March 04-06, 2015

The PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2015 will take place in Potsdam from March 04-06, 2015.

The PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2015 will take place in Potsdam from March 04-06, 2015.

As in 2014, venue is the Kongresshotel Potsdam on the shore of Lake Templin.

The agenda will include presentations on the progress made in running Plant Biotechnology, PLANT KBBE, DPPN, GlobE, IPAS and related projects.

There will be a conference dinner, a dedicated poster session as well as keynote lectures by outstanding international plant scientists. As a result of last year's positive feedback, we will also have an Elevator Pitch for young researchers to present their work to a large audience - and maybe win a small price.

Special room rates were negotiated with the Kongresshotel Potsdam. Please see our Accommodation page for details. There will also be some rooms available for project meetings (refer to "Side Meetings").

Some features of this website including abstracts, comments and a list of participants are only available to registered attendees of the meeting. If you are logged in with your personal account you gain access to these features. All data presented until end of January are preliminary, please ensure that you keep an eye on updates regularly.



Reduced room fee in hotel (67,-€ per night incl. breakfast): was December 17, 2014

Abstract submission: February 06, 2015

Registration (reduced participation fee): February 06, 2015

Submission of poster PDFs and additional poster abstracts: February 06, 2015

Who may participate?

The Status Seminar is an internal conference and is not open to the public. Therefore please check if you are eligible for attending the conference.

Attendance compulsory

Each principal investigator (PI) of ongoing PLANT 2030 related (sub-) projects (i.e. Plant Biotechnology, PLANT KBBE, DPPN, GlobE and IPAS) has to participate and present the progress made in the respective projects. If you are not able to attend the seminar personally you must find a substitute.

Attendance encouraged

Scientists (postdocs, PhD-students etc.) involved in the abovementioned PLANT 2030 projects are welcome to attend the seminar. They are strongly encouraged to present their work on a poster. Members of former Programs are also welcome to join the seminar. These include PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY, PLANT-KBBE, AgroClustEr and BioEnergie 2021 projects to mention just a few. Participants are invited to actively take part in the seminar. Poster presentations on the further results of the projects are highly appreciated.


Under certain circumstances interested guests may also participate. However this has to be approved by the PLANT 2030 Managing Office for public partners or the Wirtschaftsverbund PflanzenInnovation e. V. (WPI) for private partners. If you are not sure if you are allowed to register for the PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2014, please contact the PLANT 2030 Managing Office (