EPSO Young Plant Scientist Award

20.12.2019 Datum der Veröffentlichung

The European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) wishes to encourage the development of ideas and imaginative thinking in the plant sciences and, therefore, offers two awards to PhD-students planning to attend the FESPB/EPSO conference "Plant Biology Europe 2020" in Turin, Italy.
PhD students are invited to work on either fundamental or applied aspects of research on plants. One award is offered in each category.

The selection criteria is:

  • The novelty of the idea or approach being taken.
  • The potential of the research to improve understanding or outcomes in the selected field of plant science.
  • The clarity with which the problem or research topic is conveyed to a non-specialist plant scientist.

Requirements for applicants are:

To be eligible, applicants should be working in an institute/university that has EPSO institutional membership.Applicants must submit application form including abstract, CV and a statement why their research is interesting, important and innovative.

Awardees receive:

The awardees are invited to give a 20 minutes talk during the conference. EPSO YPS Award certificate, free registration for the conference, travel reimbursement (up to 400 €) and 200 € grant.

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